The oral fluid scheme is run on very similar lines to our urine PT scheme for POCT devices. However this scheme can be used for both near patient testing as well as assuring lab based screening and confirmation.


Due to the nature of oral fluid it is possible to post the samples direct to the end users anywhere in the world. This is because the samples volumes are so small and the end use of the samples is for proficiency testing it is possible with the correct labelling to move the samples around the world by post rather than by courier services and therefore bringing the cost of this scheme down. We have been able to post samples to mainlaine Europe and Australia with no problems at all.


The samples can be used to assure the quality of the POCT devices as well as monitor the efficency of the devices when being used by non-lab staff. Once the samples ahve been screened by POCT they can be sent to the lab for confirmation to test the accuracy of the screen and lab service.


Contact us if you want further info on our Oral Fluid PT scheme.

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